Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coinrev Ltd?
This is an investment project, which is owned and operated by Coinrev Ltd.
What Coinrev Ltd do?
Coinrev Ltd is professionally involved in the process of cryptocurrency mining and forming its own network of equipment for cloud mining.
Is Coinrev Ltd company legit?
Coinrev Ltd has passed incorporation procedure in July 2016 in CARDIFF and operates within the law.
Who controls the investment porfolio?
Our team of expertss, who have been working in the market of currency exchange for about 10 years and above, controls the investment portfolio. Our experience and connections enable us to right to use a huge variety of local and worldwide assets and offer gains from the most ideal equipment in the globe, these are well-organized for trading on the market for Crypto-Currency and mining cryptocoins.
Where is your company?
The company is registered in the UK and has its own data centers in PO Box 4385, CARDIFF, CF14 8LH, Company No. 10285625, United Kingdom.
How can I become your investor?
Anyone regardless of age, gender and country of residence may become an investor. To do this you need to Register Account and make a deposit in the amount of at least 0.01 Bitcoin.
How many accounts can I register?
You can register as many accounts as you need.
Can I be registered multiple times with the same IP address?
Oh sure. You, your family or your friends may have multiple accounts using the same computer and IP address.
When registering I am asked to enter a Bitcoin account. What should I use?
A Bitcoin address is an identifier of 26-35 alphanumeric characters, beginning with the number 1 or 3 that represents a possible destination for a Bitcoin payment. There is address formats in common use: 18Brac6fn8dsD52FaRpicN82fiVdje52s.
Can I change my Bitcoin account in the process of work?
Yes offcourse, you can do this anytime in your account settings.
I'm trying to change my Bitcoin address in account settings, but don't get confirmation code via email.
Sometimes the letter with confirmation code is received in the Spam folder, check it out.
What are the investment terms Coinrev Ltd offers?
Coinrev Ltd offers three investment plan with accruals of profit from 0.29% to 0.41% every 60 minutes, 24 times a day. Deposit is working on an ongoing basis with the ability to return at any time.
What payment system do you work with?
The company receives as investment and pays income in only Bitcoin.
What is the minimum deposit?
The minimum deposit is 0.01 Bitcoin.
What is the maximum deposit?
You can invest any amount not less than the minimum - 0.01 Bitcoin.
Where can I find instructions how to invest and make money?
We have prepared a detailed description of all the stages of your work with the project. You can find it in the "Deposit Procedure" section.
How quickly deposit is added?
A feature of Bitcoin network is system of confirmations. Normally, your payment must have at least 3 network confirmations before it will be added as deposit. It may take from one to two hours. In rare cases, you may be faced with the expectation of up to 24 hours. We have no influence on the speed of this process, and can only recommend to wait a little after sending. In any case, your deposit will be added sooner or later.
When my first profit will be accrued?
Profit is accrued every hour, 24 times a day. The first income will be added to your balance after 60 minutes since the addition of the deposit.
How long will my deposit work?
You can be company investor indefinite term: your deposit will work and bring hourly earnings as long as you do not decide to stop your cooperation and get back invested amount.
When can I withdraw profits?
You can withdraw profit as soon as your balance has 0.0005 Bitcoin and more.
What do I need to withdraw profit?
As soon as amount of your balance will be equal to or greater than 0.0005 Bitcoin, you can make a request to withdraw profit. To do this, use "Withdraw funds" section. Enter withdrawal amount and confirm your request.
What is the minimum for a withdrawal?
You can withdraw any amount which exceeds 0.0005 Bitcoin.
How quickly withdrawal request is processed?
All payouts are made automatically and are instantly.
Do you charge a fee for withdrawing funds?
Coinrev Ltd has no any fees for withdrawal of profit.
Can I make deposit from account balance?
Yes, you can invest from account balance.
Can I get my deposit back?
If you decided to stop working as an investor, you can get your deposit back. This feature will be available after full 24 hours since addition your deposit. To get back a principal, click on [Release] in your "Deposit List" in your account. The deposit will be reflected on your account balance instantly. Then you can make a new deposit or withdraw this amount.
Is there fee for return of deposit?
Yes, return of deposit require 5% fees on principle amount.
Can I make money with affiliate program?
You can use Three-tier affiliate program of 5% 3% 1% commission for every deposit made by your referral.
Do I need to have deposit to use my affiliate link and be rewarded?
No, your own deposit is not required.
Who are official representatives?
Representatives are our closest partners, who thoroughly know our company and are willing to share their own experience of investing. You can contact your nearest representative for further information and advice on the choice of investment strategy.
What affiliate commissions representatives earn?
Affiliate commission of representatives is also Three-tier 10% 6% 3%.
How do I become a representative?
Any of you can become a representative. To do this you just need to have a deposit of 1.01 BTC and send the details like Name, Langauges, Working Hours, Phone Number, Skype, Facebook and other social media sites that you use regularly to our Support. It will require minimum of your personal and contact details, which will be added to the website. Once your information has been added to this section, your affiliate commission will be increased to 10% 6% 3%.
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Company address:
PO Box 4385, CARDIFF, CF14 8LH, Company Registar. Company House, GB.
Coinrev Limited is registered in UK under No. 10285625. Registered office: PO Box 4385, CARDIFF, CF14 8LH, UK
Company No: 10285625